Security is at the forefront of everything we do.

It is always important to be careful when trading on digital currency exchanges. Below are some recommendations.

Securing your Email Address

  • Have a different email address specifically for your Ibinex account rather than using your work or personal email address.
  • Communication to and from Ibinex should be treated as sensitive, especially if you have provided personal or account information via email. Consider permanently deleting any correspondence from your email account inbox.
  • Do not store any private documents in your email (e.g. driver’s license details, photo of your passport, etc..) these can be used to steal your identity. 
  • If you are not sure about a link or a file attachment in an email, don’t click the link or download the file, simply delete the email.

Managing Passwords and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

  • Use complex passwords for your email and accounts, you can use random password generators (such as Lastpass) which will also store your passwords for you.
  • Never give your 2FA code, user name and password or sensitive information to someone on the phone or via email. CoinSpot will never request these details over the phone or via email.
  • Activate 2FA wherever you can – print your recovery codes and store them safely in case you need to install 2FA on another device. 
  • Please read this article to setup 2FA.

Securing your Coins

  • Store coins and tokens in your own private cold storage device.
  • Do not send coins and tokens to any persons you don’t 100% trust. Once sent, the transaction cannot be reversed.
  • An individual approaching you promising extraordinary returns is likely going to steal your funds. You wouldn’t give a stranger cash, would you?

Keeping your Devices Secured

  • Do not give another person remote access to your devices under any circumstance. A popular example of remote access includes installing software such as Anydesk.
  • Keep your apps and installed software up to date, ensure this by regularly checking they are updated to the latest versions.

Protecting yourself from Scams

We strongly encourage you to educate yourself on what some common scams are and how to protect yourself from these scams.