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We bridge the gap between traders and exchanges with transparency rooted in blockchain technology.

Gone are the days of spending operational time and money building-out your own exchange and privately sourcing crypto liquidity.
We do all that for you - and more.

Plain and Simple: Your Brand. We Build. They Trade.

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As the first ever cryptocurrency exchange platform with a virtual exchange license, Ibinex gives you fully-compliant and licensed processing and accounts. All payments are facilitated via swipe-and-transmit from FIAT to a base currency. In order to prevent security risks and to provide a regulated platform for every user, Ibinex is fully committed to meeting regulatory guidelines in your designated jurisdiction.

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World Class Security

Protection of funds

The protection of your crypto-funds is of paramount importance to us. For this reason, we take the ultimate lengths to ensure your funds remain safe at all times.

As an indication of the high protective standards we hold, Ibinex has been granted the status of licensed virtual exchange, account processor.

We are the first cryptocurrency exchange platform to hold this title and offer exclusive payment solutions. In order to uphold this professional distinction, we're committed to delivering the highest level of regulatory compliance to you and your business.

Encryption & Technologies

A successful cryptocurrency exchange suite is only as strong as its weakest link. Ibinex has left no encryption technology stone unturned, and has implemented the highest level of SSL security into the platform, complete with the most solid and secure technologies.

We ensure that no weak links exist to threaten the stability and core security of Ibinex for our customers. Threats are neutralised before they present themselves — we take no chances, and anticipate potential breaches before they arise, entirely removing their potential before they ever eventuate.

Information and Security

Our platform is a 24/7 guarded operation, with all crypto-based funds held in cold-wallets, shielded by our team of cyber security experts who work around the clock to ensure all funds are safe and untouchable by unauthorised seekers.

Security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance for our clients, and you can learn more about our completely transparent Regulations and Privacy Policy, to have complete peace of mind and confidence in Ibinex.

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